Best iPad for Drawing: Pro Secrets for Amazing Artwork

Let’s be honest – those gorgeous, classic sketchbooks and paint sets can be a bit intimidating. Traditional art has its magic, but sometimes you want to experiment without limits. No erasing until your paper turns to mush, no lugging around a ton of supplies. That’s where the iPad comes in, ready to revolutionise the way you create. We will give you an insight that what is Best iPad for Drawing to unleash your inner artist.

Think of it like this: the iPad is your ultimate portable art studio. Imagine having every color, brush, and tool imaginable always at your fingertips. It’s a game-changer, and this guide is here to show you why an iPad might be the perfect leap to take your artistic skills to the next level.

Why Consider Best iPad for Drawing?

Do you dream of vibrant art, of letting your ideas flow freely, but get frustrated by traditional art limitations? Wish you could erase, experiment, and unleash your creativity without boundaries? The iPad might be the answer you’ve been searching for.

  • Limitless Possibilities: With an iPad, the only limits are those of your imagination. Explore different styles – from detailed sketches to vibrant watercolors – all within one awesome device. If you can dream it, powerful apps can help you create it.
  • A Studio in Your Pocket: Say goodbye to bulky art supplies. An iPad is amazingly portable, making it perfect for those bursts of inspiration on the bus, in a cozy cafe, or even curled up on the couch.
  • Made for Artists (of all levels): Whether you’re just starting your artistic journey or a seasoned pro, there’s an iPad out there for you. With intuitive interfaces and powerful pro-level features, they cater to every kind of creative.
  • The Digital Advantage: An iPad lets you easily fix mistakes (hello, unlimited undo button!), experiment with layers, and share your work with the world in seconds. Think faster workflow and more room for happy accidents.

Is an iPad really good for drawing? Absolutely! And I’m here to show you exactly why, and help you find the iPad that’ll transform the way you create.

Best iPad for Drawing : Top Models in 2024

You might think all iPads are created equal when it comes to art, but there are key differences to consider. Let’s break down the top contenders so you can make a decision that suits both your style and your budget.

iPad Pro: The Creative Powerhouse

This is the undisputed king of drawing iPads. Its large, stunning Liquid Retina XDR display boasts incredible colour accuracy and brightness, perfect for showcasing every detail of your work.

The powerful M2 chip handles even the most demanding art apps without a hitch, and the Apple Pencil 2 offers the best possible precision and responsiveness. It’s the ultimate tool for artists who won’t compromise on performance.

  • Pros: Top-tier display, blazing-fast processor, Apple Pencil 2 compatibility, large storage options. 
  • Cons: Highest price tag, might be overkill for casual artists.  
  • Verdict: If you’re a professional, or simply want the best iPad drawing experience money can buy, the iPad Pro is the way to go. 

iPad Air: The Sweet Spot

The iPad Air strikes a beautiful balance between price and performance. You still get a fantastic display, ample power to run your favorite art apps smoothly, and compatibility with the Apple Pencil 2. It’s a reliable workhorse that won’t disappoint, all while being significantly kinder on your wallet compared to the Pro.

  • Pros: Excellent value, beautiful display, powerful enough for most artists, great range of colors.  
  • Cons: Limited storage options on the base model, not quite as future-proof as the Pro.  
  • Verdict: For the majority of artists, the iPad Air delivers an amazing drawing experience without breaking the bank. 

iPad Mini: Pocket-Sized Sketch Machine

If portability is your top priority, the iPad Mini is a dream come true. It’s incredibly light and compact, perfect for throwing in a bag and Best iPad for sketching wherever inspiration strikes. Despite its size, it still packs a punch with a vibrant display and Apple Pencil 2 support.

  • Pros: Supremely portable, fun to use, surprisingly powerful for its size.  
  • Cons: The screen may feel cramped for large or highly detailed projects. 
  • Verdict: Ideal for urban sketchers, casual drawing, and anyone who loves to capture ideas on the go.

iPad (Standard): The Versatile All-Rounder

This is Apple’s baseline iPad, regularly updated and offering a solid middle ground for artists. It’s larger than the Mini, boasting a good-sized screen for drawing, yet remains very affordable. It supports the 1st generation Apple Pencil and handles most art apps well, making it a great stepping stone into the world of digital art.

  • Pros: Larger screen than the Mini, excellent value for money, good performance for most drawing needs.
  • Cons: Limited storage options, not as powerful as the Air or Pro models, only compatible with the 1st generation Apple Pencil.
  • Verdict: Ideal for beginners, budget-conscious artists, and those who want a larger screen than the Mini without breaking the bank.

iPad Pro (Older Generation): The Pro-Level Bargain

If the latest and greatest iPad Pro is out of reach, consider a slightly older generation model (often found refurbished). You’ll still get incredible performance, a gorgeous display, and Apple Pencil 2 compatibility, all at a potentially much lower price point.

  • Pros: Pro-level features at a more accessible price, great screen and powerful specs.
  • Cons: May not have the latest bells and whistles, availability of refurbished stock can fluctuate.
  • Verdict: A smart choice for those who want Pro-level power without paying the full current-gen price.

Budget Pick: Older or Refurbished iPads

Don’t count out older iPad models, especially if you’re just starting your digital art journey. They can offer incredible value and still provide a smooth drawing experience. Look for models that are compatible with at least the 1st generation Apple Pencil for the best results.

  • Pros: Most affordable option, good way to test the waters of digital art.  
  • Cons: May lack the latest features, performance can vary, and older Apple Pencil compatibility might be limited.  
  • Verdict: Great for beginners, those on a tight budget, or anyone who simply wants a basic yet capable iPad for drawing.

Non-Apple Option: Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Series

For those open to Android tablets, the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 series is a compelling alternative. It offers excellent drawing performance, beautiful displays, and comes with the S-Pen stylus included. It’s a solid choice if you’re already in the Android ecosystem or prefer a different interface.

  • Pros: High-quality display, smooth drawing experience, S-Pen included, Android versatility.
  • Cons: The app ecosystem for drawing isn’t quite as robust as on iOS, finding compatible accessories can be trickier.
  • Verdict: A worthy contender, especially for Android users and those who want a tablet that also excels in non-art areas.

Key Features to Consider for the Best iPad for Drawing

Choosing the right iPad for drawing isn’t just about the model. Let’s dive into the key features that impact your creative experience:

  • Screen Size & Resolution: Your Digital Canvas Think of the screen as your virtual sketchbook. A larger screen gives you more room to work, especially important if you create complex, detailed art. Resolution is all about sharpness – higher resolution means your lines, colors, and everything you draw looks crystal clear.
  • Processor: The Brain Behind Your Art The processor is like your iPad’s engine. A powerful processor ensures your art apps run smoothly, without annoying lag that interrupts those moments of inspiration. This becomes even more important when working with big files or using demanding features.
  • Storage: Your Art Supply Closet Large project files, hefty art apps, reference photos…they all need space! Consider how much storage you’ll realistically need to keep your creative workflow humming along without running out of room.
  • Apple Pencil Compatibility: The Magic Wand The Apple Pencil is practically synonymous with iPad drawing, and for good reason! Its pressure sensitivity, responsiveness, and tilt-detection feel remarkably natural. Ensure the iPad you choose is compatible with the Apple Pencil generation you want (newer models offer the enhanced 2nd gen Pencil).

Your Digital Toolbox: Best Drawing Apps

The tools make the artist, and this goes for the digital world, too! Here’s a look at some top drawing app contenders:

  • Procreate: The Professional’s Choice
    This powerful app is the industry darling for good reason. It’s intuitive, packed with features like customizable brushes, layers, and animation tools, and it can handle even the most demanding projects.
  • Adobe Fresco: For the Adobe Fan If you’re already in the Adobe ecosystem (Photoshop, Illustrator, etc.), Fresco is a dream. It seamlessly integrates with your other tools and excels at mimicking traditional mediums like watercolor and oils.
  • Sketchbook: The Beginner’s Best Friend Simple, straightforward, and completely free, Sketchbook is a fantastic starting point. It lets you master the basics of digital drawing without being overwhelmed by complex features.

Level Up: Accessories to Supercharge Your Experience

Don’t forget the little things that make a huge difference! These accessories will transform your iPad into an artist’s dream machine:

  • Stylus Alternatives: Find Your Perfect Fit, While the Apple Pencil is fantastic, explore alternatives with different grips, textures, or even programmable buttons to find your ideal drawing tool.
  • Screen Protectors: The Feel of Paper Some artists prefer a paper-like screen protector, adding a touch of friction that makes drawing feel more like using a pencil on traditional paper.
  • Cases & Stands: Comfort is Key Drawing for long periods should be enjoyable! Invest in a comfortable case with adjustable angles to find your perfect drawing position.

Extra Tip: There’s a whole world of amazing iPad drawing accessories! A quick search can lead you to in-depth reviews and personalised recommendations.


Many people assume they need the most expensive iPad to start digital art, however that’s simply not true. As a matter of fact the right iPad for you is the one that balances your artistic needs, your budget, and fuels your passion for creating.

Let’s recap those key points to keep in mind:

  • Skill Level: If you’re just starting out, a less expensive model or even a refurbished iPad can be a fantastic way to dive in.
  • Drawing Style: Do you do detailed sketches, large-scale paintings, or a mix? This impacts your need for screen size and app power.
  • Portability: Will your iPad mostly live on a desk, or be your adventure companion? Consider weight and size.

The beauty of the iPad for drawing is its versatility. It empowers artists at every level to express themselves and bring their visions to life, digitally.

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